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子供の特性にあった指導.生徒の個人差に注意をはらっています。子供たちが積極的にレッスンに参加でき, 先生が常に一人一人のレベルをチェックでき, 先生でレベルによりクラス分けされます それによって子供たちは,のびのびと先生とのコミュニケーションをとることができます。


 将来、日本は英語を必要とする世界になるでしょう.あなたが学ぶ目的、レベル、そしてライフスタイルは異なります。 遊びながら英会話を勉強できる教室です.                            子供たちはスピーチを読み、書き、聞き、そして自分のペースで着実に進歩することができます.活動を通して英語を学びます。ぜひ遊びに来てください.


Time for English gives students the tools needed to grow and succeed. Get in touch if you want to learn more!


Play while you learn, learn while you play!




Group Lessons:

Phonics is a method for teaching. It is done by demonstrating the relationship between the sounds of the spoken language, the letters, or groups of letters. We play while we learn, learn while we play! Come and join us.

​Summer Reading Comprehension

Group Lessons:

A special class for children to know more about phonics and how to comprehend. your child's access to a world of words is one of the best ways to improve their vocabulary and enhance their spelling skills. 


Group Sessions:

Adult Class

Enroll in this hands-on, innovative class and take part in a unique, challenging learning experience. I am so excited to guide and help children by exploring and individual learning.

Basic course

Group lesson 

Enhance your English with us!


Group lessons:

Grammar is important because it gives information that helps people to comprehend. It is an accurate structure from the writer to the audience. Eliminate grammatical errors from your writing, and reward your readers with clear communication. Come and join us!

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